Shy in Artists’ Eyes

Image by J. C. Grande

Concept art and other really cool stuff from really amazing artists!

Elvin Anastasova

Elvin Anastasova is an innovative visual artist with an incredibly unique and awesome style. She and her husband Vasil run VA Art Studio in Philadelphia, PA. They specialize in murals, interior finishes, decorative painting and a host of other visual arts. I’ve seen their mural work up close and it’s stunning! Here’s a link to their website.

Georgia Horesh

The multi-talented Georgia Horesh is a tremendously imaginative graphic artist that creates stark and striking fantasy images. She also designs and crafts funky and stylish jewelry, which she sells at Stormwolf Studios website. Oh, and she designed the logos for Vanth Creative, and Shy. She’s first-rate all the way! Plus she put Shy in a hoodie, so she gets extra points for that! Here’s her link.

Jason Dorf

Jason Dorf submitted some of the most unique imagery for Shy that I saw, and I have to say I love his style. I told him I want to design something specifically for that style, and I hope we get to work together on a project like that soon! In real life, Jason is a storyboard artist, having worked recently on Dreamworks Dragons. Here’s a link to his stuff.

JC Baez

J. C. Baez is the consummate professional. His work is smart, polished and true to the writer’s vision. If you want your pencils done impeccably well by an artist that’s easy to work with, he’s your guy! His work in the Star Trek universe is outstanding, if you’re into that kinda thing! Check out his portfolio here.

Mike Howland

Mike Howland is a pro’s pro. He’s a versatile guy, working in visual arts and also web design. His comic art is first-rate, and his original design of Roxy was very much my favorite! His test page had some really cool looks for Shy as well. Here’s a link to his page.

Sebastian Kadlecik

Sebastian Kadlecik is one of my favorites! He was an absolute joy to work with on The Stars and the Perfect Burger (which you can get for free simply by signing up to the Shy mailing list!) He’s a guy I will be thrilled to work with again in the future. His own title, Penguins vs Possums is a total hoot! It’s definitely worth a read. You can find it at Fanboy Comics here. There’s way more to Sebastian than flightless Antarctic birds and marsupials though. And his spiky-haired, nose-ringed Roxy on the test page was…a bold choice.  See his portfolio here.